Astbury Slope Table

Astbury's Slope Table and Handicap Chart - Updated 15th June 2023

Effective 15th June 2023 the Astbury Course has been remeasured and corrected for recent Tee Construction/Changes and also for EGU and Cheshire Golf Union redefinitions of, in particular, minimum lengths Ladies Par definitions. This has resulted in changed Course Ratings, Slope calculations and hence changes to the Astbury Handicap Calculation Table. The new Handicap Tables can be viewed/downloaded by clicking links below.

The Astbury Score Card has been updated to reflect these changes. To view the new card :-
Click here

The most significant changes relate to the Red Tees. In addition to change in Course Rating (below)
* Redefinition of the 18th to a par 4,
* Consequential allocation of Red Tee Stroke Indexes
* Remeasured distances

Course Rating Changes
The changes for White, Yellow and Blue Tees have resulted in a reduction in Course Ratings as follows :-
White Tees 71.7 down to 71.2
Yellow Tees 70.6 down to 70.3
Blue Tees 70.0 down to 68.7
Red Tees 72.7 down to 72.3