AGC Policies

Astbury Golf Club Health and Safety, Buggy Policies, Dress code and Related Policies

Club H&S, Rules And Policy

These pages contain Astbury Golf Clubs Health and Safety, Policy and Rules documents for reference.

It covers Rental and use of Buggies, General Policy and H&S, Dress Code, Use of Club WiFi and Internet,Club Lost property Policy.

1. Buggy Policy
(Please find the following attachments at end of document to download)
Master Buggy Policy Document
Working Buggy Policy Document
Appendix 1 Golf Buggy Safety Policy
Appendix 2 Essential and Safe Operating practices
Appendix 3 Buggy Route Guidelines
Appendix 4 Ride On Buggy Route
Appendix 5 User Acceptance form
Appendix 6 Medical Certification Form
Appendix 7 Buggy Booking and Allocation

2. General Policy and H&S documents

Download available - Wayward Golf Balls Policy

Download available -Personal Insurance guidance

Download available -Winter Spikes guidance

Download available - Use of Club Wifi and Internet

3. Dress Code
Astbury Golf Club has a strict dress code which all Society members, visitors and club members are requested to comply with.

You will see below the acceptable dress standards for Golf and Social events at Astbury - please take note and abide by these rules to avoid any difficulties.

1.Football and rugby shirts, tracksuits, shell suits, hot pants are not permitted on the course or in the clubhouse
2.Collarless and sleeveless shirts or vests, other than those designed specifically for golf are not allowed.
3.Tailored shorts are acceptable but must be accompanied with either knee length or predominantly white sports ankle socks
4.Men's calf length combat trousers, football or cargo style shorts are not permitted.
5.Denim Jeans are allowed; but torn, dirty and workman's jeans are not acceptable.
5.Men's shirts shall not be worn outside trousers or shorts.
6.Baseball caps or hats of any description must not be worn the wrong way round.
7.Ladies fashion wear designed for golf are permissible both on the golf course and in the clubhouse.
8.Changing of clothes in the car park is strictly forbidden.

4. Use of Mobile phones ( Calls and Wifi)
Astbury Mobile Phone usage Policy

1.Other than for medical emergencies, routine use of mobile phones for calls is not permitted on the course, if you need to keep the phone switched on then please use the silent ringing setting to avoid disturbing other Golfers on the course.
2.Mobile phone calls are acceptable on the ground floor of the clubhouse and in the upstairs hallways only; but are not allowed within any Communal Area upstairs such as the Bar , Lounge, Dining Room and Patio - in all cases please use the silent setting when upstairs.
3.It is acceptable to use your mobile phone, tablet or computer for silent personal internet use within the upstairs communal areas, but please have respect to those around you.
4.Members and Visitors are welcome to use the Club Member Wifi service. Network Names and Passwords are displayed around the clubhouse.
5.The general principle here is that these devices are a way of life now but please use them with respect for others.
See also the club wifi policy and usage.

5. Lost property policy
1. Introduction
The following policy and procedures have been designed to manage and handle lost property. The policy applies all members, staff and visitors.

1.1 Definition
Lost property means any unattended, misplaced or forgotten item which is the property of a person or persons, and which is found within the boundaries of Astbury Golf Club by another person or persons and subsequently handed to staff pending the identification of the original owner or appropriate disposal. Inappropriate items such as cigarettes, food and drink, soiled, dirty or wet items (excluding items of high value) will be disposed of immediately.

1.2 Risk
At no point can the Golf Club, staff or the Professional Staff be held responsible for any items deemed to be lost property. No items should be left on Club premises and any that are left are done so at the owner's risk.

2. Policy statement
Professional Staff will endeavour to return property of high value. If it is not possible to do this within the nominated time periods listed below, items will be donated to captains’ charities or local charity shops, or if not suitable for donation, items will be disposed of. Handling of lost property is not seen as a core service and therefore the staff time available to handle and administer lost property is limited.

2.1 Finding lost property
Any members or visitors finding lost property should hand it to a member of the Professional Staff.

2.2 Lost property procedure & Disposal of unclaimed items
Property lacking or with limited owner identification, will be disposed of in different ways according to the assessed value of the item(s).
Assessments of value are left to the discretion of the Professional Staff. If the Professional Staff feel that an item of lost property has no value, it will be discarded in waste bins within club premises. Any such item will be documented in photograph form before being disposed of.
If the item is suitable for donation to the Captains Charity (or local charity shops), the Professional Staff will do so. Such items will be recorded in a document by the Professional Staff.
If the item is suitable for sale on internet sites, the Professional Staff will do so, record all sales in a document and donate full proceeds (minus selling costs) to the Captains Charity on an annual basis.
Any committee member can view these documents at any time by requesting the information from the Professional Staff.

2.3 Claiming lost property and owner identification
Professional Staff will attempt to contact the owners of any valuable found property where ownership can be easily identified. Once contact has been made, the item however will follow the normal path of lost property, as above, unless a date to collect has been agreed.
Any person reclaiming property of high value or containing personal data may be asked for detailed information about the item. When an owner reclaims an item and Professional Staff are satisfied of the owner’s claim, the property will be handed over.

2.4 Period of time before disposal or donation

Low value items (eg head covers, gloves, old or poor quality clubs) will be retained by the Professional Staff for approximately 4 weeks. High value items (e.g. modern clubs with reasonable value as outlined in 2.2) will be retained for approximately 8 weeks.

The following documents (as PDFs) cover the main Astbury Golf Club Rules and Policies referred to above. Please download them to review.