Astbury Membership Prices

Membership types and prices

We have many different Membership types to suit your lifestyle. If you are interested in Joining Astbury then why not complete the Online enquiry form and we'll get back to you?
Or you can call the Office or Proshop on 01260273950 to discuss.

The basics are :-

* Our annual renewal runs from 1st July
* Full annual Membership is very competitively priced - especially compared to our peer courses in the area - which represents great value for money.
* We do ask for a joining fee, which differs according to age and type of membership.
* Members can choose to pay monthly (5 or 10 monthly instalments )
* We welcome family membership - which offers reduced individual fees
* Children and youngsters under 14 pay nothing for membership, and only a modest joining fee
* We do operate a waiting list for each section if necessary - at the moment, August 2022, the waiting List for the Men's section is suspended.